Having Fun - Pauwel De Meyer
A soul-wrenching album with short songs and simple chords performed by Paul De Meyer.
Release date: 01 Jan 2025
Catalog number: SMR076
Format: CD Digipack
Cult of Yes - Pascale Deweze
Pascale Deweze's first solo album explores dark soul, krautrock, Moroccan percussion and analogue synths.
Release date: 05 May 2017
Catalog number: SMR104/ SMR105
Format: CD Digipack/ LP + Downloadcode
Ramona - Ramona
A 'dream pop' CD about love, friendship and peace with its own special style!
Release date: 28 Apr 2017
Catalog number: SMR102
Format: CD Digipack + Booklet
Live or Lavish: The Jet Sessions - Bellemont
A CD filled with hints of distilled soul, compacted blues, filtered torch and moody psych.
Release date: 21 Apr 2017
Catalog number: SMR095/ SMR096
Format: Double CD/ Double Vinyl + Downloadcode
MEST - Hamster Axis of the One Click Panther
A brilliant collaboration between Belgium's coolest jazz cats and brightest music icons.
Release date: 23 Feb 2017
Catalog number: SMR094
Format: Vinyl LP + Gatefold Sleeve + Download Code + 8 additional tracks
How different it was when you were there - Matt Watts
While predecessor Songs from a Window was a true solo album, the new album, How Different It Was When You Were There, includes personal stories by Watts that have been subtly seasoned with all kinds of wonderful musicians.
Release date: 17 Feb 2017
Catalog number: SMR090 + SMR091
Format: Vinyl LP, CD
Belgian Vaults Volume 5 - Various Artists
Compilation of Belgian rock from the 60's, 70's and 80's.
Release date: 14 Oct 2016
Catalog number: SMR080
Format: Vinyl + CD + Insert
A Tune for You/ One step at a Time - Roland Van Campenhout
Compilation discs from Belgium's rich musical past performed by Roland Van Campenhout.
Release date: 13 Oct 2016
Catalog number: SMR070/SMR071
Format: 180 gr Vinyl + bonustracks
Lemmium - Amortisseur
A rocking Motorhead tribute band, honouring the great works of Lemmy.
Release date: 13 Oct 2016
Catalog number: SMR072
Format: Vinyl + insert + Downloadcard
Ten Years of Swning Bop 'n Roll - Radio Modern
A celebration of Radio Modern's 10 year anniversary.
Release date: 13 Sep 2016
Catalog number: SMR083
Format: CD + 20 page booklet
DadaWaves - DadaWaves
A semi-psychedelic musical album by DadaWaves
Release date: 20 May 2016
Catalog number: SMR079
Format: CD Digipack
Zin - Aroma di Amore
Aroma Di Amore,active since the early 80’s is for sure one of the spearheads of Belgian alternative music.There now is finally new work from this fine band, and, without doubt “Zin” became their most versatile album so far.
Release date: 05 Feb 2016
Catalog number: SMR066
Format: CD Digipack + Booklet
The Beauties of the Beast - Red Zebra
Finally again a brand new compilation available on CD of the best 80’s work of the iconic Belgian punk/wave band, including some rarities !
Release date: 01 Feb 2016
Catalog number: SMR063
Format: CD Digipack + Booklet
Voluntary Blindness - Isle of Men
Isle Of Men is the band surrounding music journalist and guitarist Dirk Fryns, Gunther Verspecht (Stash) and all-round pianist Tom Van der Schueren.
Release date: 12 Jan 2016
Catalog number: SMR061&SMR062
Format: Vinyl & CD Digipack
Good Morning to Myself - Soul Embrace
Soul Embrace is a new Belgian rock band. They write songs for movies never made, stories written by life itself. A very nice mix of rock, soul, blues and wave…where Morphine meets Lou Reed and The National.
Release date: 10 Jan 2016
Catalog number: SMR060
Format: CD Digipack
Plat Du Jour - Tjens Couter
For the first time back on vinyl, the excellent second album, by the legendary band of Arno Hintjens and Paul Couter.
Release date: 08 Jan 2016
Catalog number: SMR059
Format: Vinyl
Nothing that is Everything - Zita Swoon Group
It is with pride that we announce the release of NOTHING THAT IS EVERYTHING the new album with the music of the performance of the same name by ZITA SWOON GROUP, the collective of Stef Kamil Carlens.
Release date: 01 Jan 2016
Catalog number: SMR057+58
Format: CD + Vinyl
Portraits and Landscapes - Elisa Waut
Elisa Waut Reborn! This 7th album contains 12 new songs featuring the original trio Elsje Helewaut, Hans Helewaut and Chery Derycke!
Release date: 27 Apr 2015
Catalog number: SMR055
Format: CD
When the Owl Cries - Irish Coffee
45 jaar geleden startte Irish Coffee met de single “Masterpiece/The Show”. Kort daarna volgde een album dat uitgroeide tot een der meest gezochte collector-items ter wereld. Nu zijn ze terug met 'When the Owl Cries', een rockend album met 12 songs wa
Release date: 14 Apr 2015
Catalog number: SMR054
Format: CD
Flabbergasted (Live At AB, 2001) - The Kids
For the first time on Vinyl and with restored artwork this is one title you do not want to miss! It contains many of The Kids' classics along with several contemporary punk numbers
Release date: 01 Apr 2015
Catalog number: SMR050
Format: 180 gr Vinyl, limited to 620 copies, numbered.
Drone Operator - EX-RZ
Second single of Ex-RZ, the band of former Red Zebra singer Peter Slabbynck, who released the excellent “Bankers will never Be Beggars” last year.
Release date: 01 Apr 2015
Catalog number: SMR051
Format: single, digital release
Insatiable - Hamster Axis of the One Click Panther ft. Mauro Pawlowski
After a well-recieved live performance The Hamsters and Mauro decided to team up and created this wonderful album!
Release date: 31 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR049
Format: 180 gr Vinyl, CD
Uptown and Back Again - The Baboons
"Uptown and Back again" is the third album by 'The Baboons' and promises to be a must have for any roots fan!
Release date: 26 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR047/48
Format: 180 gr vinyl, CD
Who Cares - Tjens Counter
“Who Cares” the legendary 1976 debut album from Belgian cult band Tjens Couter (Arno Hintjens en Paul Couter) is finally available again on vinyl!
Release date: 19 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR046
Format: 180 gr vinyl
Songs From A Window - Matt Watts
"Songs From A Window", by Matt Watts, is an intensive and pure album recorded in the early folk traditon. Relying solely on timbre and song.
Release date: 04 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR042
Format: CD
Paracetamol REMIX EP - Marcel Vanthilt
This is a riveting electro remix of the original Paracetamol EP by Marcel Vanthilt.
Release date: 03 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR041
Format: Digital Download Only
My Suitor - Berntholer
Although they didn't exist for long "Berntholers" songs are lovely and still viable in the current age. This album also comes with the never before released "Heartbeat".
Release date: 01 Mar 2015
Catalog number: SMR040
Format: 180 gr vinyl, including digital downloadcard
Play Ferre Grignard - Hash Bamboo Shuffle
A compilation of songs by legendary blues singer Ferre Grignard played by none other than Hash Bamboo Shuffle!
Release date: 27 Feb 2015
Catalog number: SMR039
Format: 180 gr vinyl, including digital downloadcard
Banjo Troubadour - Derroll Adams
For the first time in more than 20 years we're finally seeing another official release of the legendary American 5- string banjo player and folk singer Derroll Adams.
Release date: 19 Feb 2015
Catalog number: SMR037
Format: 180 gr vinyl, gatefold, including CD
I Warned You! - Ferre Grignard
This is the last of the re-releases on Vinyl of the three remaining albums by legendary blues singer Ferre Grignard.
Release date: 30 Oct 2014
Catalog number: SMR036
Format: 180 gr vinyl, lyric insert
Ferre Grignard - Ferre Grignard
A re-release in vinyl of the second in the remaining three albums of legendary blues singer Ferre Grignard.
Release date: 29 Oct 2014
Catalog number: SMR035
Format: 180 gr vinyl, gatefold sleeve
Captain Disaster - Ferre Grignard
This is a re-release on vinyl of the album 'Captain Disaster' by legendary blues singer Ferre Grignard. It is the first of his three remaining albums.
Release date: 28 Oct 2014
Catalog number: SMR034
Format: 180 gr vinyl
Belgian Vaults Volume 4 - Various Artists
A compilation of Belgian songs from the sixties by various artists. Features songs in both Dutch and French.
Release date: 27 Oct 2014
Catalog number: SMR033
Format: 180 gr vinyl album, insert, CD
In Mijn Kop - Kloot Per W
De nieuwe single van Kloot Per W "In Mijn Kop", een catchy nummer begeleid door De Beesten.
Release date: 15 Aug 2014
Catalog number: SMR032
Format: single, digital release
The Light Pours out of Me - S.O.V
The debut single of S.O.V, an illustrious band that - we think - moves between the USA and Belgium, between soul and New Wave. They are apparently not into bio’s or photographs.
Release date: 15 Jul 2014
Catalog number: SMR031
Format: single, digital release
What About That Day - The High Rotations
The High Rotations are a new guitarband with Jan Van Laet, Steven De Cort, Freek De Meester and Rik Vermeir dedicated to positive, exciting songs! As is obvious from this single!
Release date: 11 Jul 2014
Catalog number: SMR030
Format: single, digital release
Paracetamol EP - Marcel Vanthilt
"Electrorock, Luisterlied, Cinema": Dit is hoe we deze drie nummers uit het nieuwe solo repertoire van Marcel Vanthilt kunnen noemen.
Release date: 06 Jun 2014
Catalog number: SMR027/029
Format: 140 gr vinyl 12”, digital release
Bankers will never be beggars - EX-RZ
Na de ontbinding van Red Zebra is er nu EX-RZ, een nieuwe band onder Peter Slabbynck met hun eerste single "Bankers will never be beggars".
Release date: 16 May 2014
Catalog number: SMR026
Format: single, digital release
Live in Ghent 1991 - Kitchen of Insanity
"Live in Ghent" is a great way to (re)discover "Kitchen of Insanity". It includes two covers never recorded in the studio.
Release date: 14 May 2014
Catalog number: SMR024
Format: 180 gr vinyl album, insert, download code
Victoria - 2014 Buscemi Remix - Lavvi Ebbel - Buscemi
Lavvi Ebbel was without a doubt one of the most talked about bands of the Belgian new wave scene. Victoria, One of Lavvi Ebbel’s best known songs is now available in an adventurous remix by Buscemi !
Release date: 17 Mar 2014
Catalog number: SMR021
Format: Digital Download
Guns and Crêpe Flambée - Lavvi Ebbel
Lavvi Ebbel was without a doubt one of the most talked about bands of the Belgian new wave scene. In the early eighties the band had considerable success with singles such as “Give Me a Gun” and “Victoria”.
Release date: 17 Mar 2014
Catalog number: SMR022, SMR023
Format: CD, Double 180 gr vinyl
Clean Adult Fun - Hitsville Drunks
The second single taken from “Sincerely Average”, the long awaited debut album of Hitsville Drunks, Mauro’s Pawloswski’s powerpop band.
Release date: 15 Mar 2014
Catalog number: SMR020
Format: Digital Download
New Old World - Zita Swoon Group
New Old World is a fascinating instrumental journey created by Stef Kamil Carlens (guitar) and drummer Aarich Jespers. Supported by grand piano, upright bass, a strings trio and strong, startling visuals, a moving story is told.
Release date: 14 Mar 2014
Catalog number: SMR018, SMR019
Format: CD, 180 Gr Vinyl
Sincerely Average - Hitsville Drunks
“Sincerely Average”, the long awaited debut album of Hitsville Drunks, Mauro’s Pawloswski’s powerpop band is released by Starman Records LP,CD and cassette.
Release date: 10 Feb 2014
Catalog number: SMR015, SMR016, SMR017, SMR025
Format: 180 gr vinyl + download card, Cassette, CD, Digital Download
JC Says JC - Hitsville Drunks
The first Hitsville Drunks release will be a good old fashioned Christmas single called “JC Says JC” which comes on one side 7” Vinyl, in digital download ànd on limited edition cassette with an extra track from their forthcoming album.
Release date: 09 Feb 2014
Catalog number: SMR012, SMR013, SMR666
Format: Vinyl 7” - One-sided, Digital Download, Cassette
Nice Shape / Oh My - Chop Chicks
This brand new band was formed by Dirk Swartenbroekx (Buscemi, Radical Slave), Kloot Per W (The Misters, The Employees, Polyphonic Size, De Lama’s, and many other projects), Debby Termonia (Gentlemen of Verona) and Annebelle Dewitte (Al di Miseria).
Release date: 07 Jan 2014
Catalog number: SMR011, SMR014
Format: 120 gr vinyl 7”, Digital Download
Kloot Per W - Music for Girls
Starman Records proudly presents the very first re-release of a cassette on – exactly – cassette !! We re-released the legendary cassette “Music For Girls” by tape pioneer Kloot per W.
Release date: 15 Nov 2013
Catalog number: SMR010
Format: Cassette box + unique artwork on canvas by KP
Snowblind - Roland Van Campenhout
Roland Van Campenhout is definitely one of the most unique Belgian artists. “Snowblind” is an adventurous and unique album, somewhere en route between Ireland and Belgium, between folk and blues.
Release date: 04 Nov 2013
Catalog number: SMR009
Format: 180 gr vinyl album + insert, limited and numbered
Belgian Vaults Vol. 3 - Various Artists
Welcome to Volume Three of the Belgian Vaults Series! This time we take you back to the late sixties and early seventies, a time when psych and heavy rock pushed aside the more traditional rock and roll influences.
Release date: 21 Oct 2013
Catalog number: SMR008
Format: 180 gr vinyl album + insert
Ferre Grignard - Ferre Grignard
The Legendary Sixties album by Belgian folk, - blues singer Ferre Grignard !!! Incl: Ring, Ring, I’ve got to sing, My Crucified Jesus, Drunken Sailor and many others… for the first time re-released on vinyl by Starman Records.
Release date: 12 Oct 2013
Catalog number: SMR007
Format: 180 gr Vinyl, numbered, limited
Best of Belgian Garage Mania Vol. 1 - Various Artists
The best of the Belgian garage tracks are now exclusively remastered and compiled by Starman Records . Volume One focuses on bands and songs inspired by the sixties: psych, raw rhythm and blues, vocal harmonies and sparkling pop…
Release date: 28 May 2013
Catalog number: SMR006
Format: CD, digisleeve + booklet
Freckleface - Freckleface
Without doubt, Freckleface’s title-less debut album released in July 1972, is one of the great Lost Albums in the history of Belgian rock. It was the archetype of an album that was “Lost” even before it properly hit the stores.
Release date: 21 May 2013
Catalog number: SMR004, SMR005
Format: CD + digisleeve + booklet, 180 gr vinyl album + insert
Shoot me Baby - The Shakes
The Shakes is definitely one of the long lost Belgian psychedelic blues-rock bands of the late sixties. Starman Records proudly presents “Shoot Me Baby!”: the anthology of The Shakes including many songs officially released for the very first time.
Release date: 20 Apr 2013
Catalog number: SMR003
Format: 180 gr vinyl album + insert.
Belgian Vaults Vol. 2 - Various Artists
We continue our mission to save Belgian sixties gems from oblivion with a second album of sixteen great tracks from the rich archives of our musical past, all recorded between 1965 and 1969.
Release date: 05 Mar 2013
Catalog number: SMR002
Format: 180 gr vinyl album + insert
Belgian Vaults Vol. 1 - Various Artists
The songs featured on this album will make you revive the exciting sixties, the coming of age of Rock and Roll, with all its naivety, enthusiasm, drive, heart, soul and loads of musical talent.
Release date: 24 Oct 2012
Catalog number: SMR001
Format: 180 gr vinyl album + insert