Starman Records releases 3 new singles as digital downloads !


The High Rotations debut single “What about that day”


The High Rotations is a new but experienced guitarband with Jan Van Laet ( vocals) , Steven De Cort (drums), Freek De Meester (gitaar) and Rik Vermeir (bas).



The High Rotations have had a great cooperation with Dirk Jans, drummer of De Mens! Without arguing! A basic demo was recorded ... and a single released.  Great Fun! But also bittersweet chills and Goose bumps..The High Rotations are frequently in a high Spirit(ed) mood! … Then they listen to records of Paul Weller, The Smiths, The Kinks and The Clash. It’s up to you to ask them to perform on your stage. The Band brings always with it a piece of England.



You can listen to their single here.



Kloot Per W en de Beesten:  “In Mijn Kop”


Brand new single by Kloot Per W, “In Mijn Kop”, produced by Patrick Riguelle. Backed by de Beesten in which we find the legendary bassplayer Klaus Wagner and Burt Lucas on guitar !



Kloot per W was very active the past year with no less than 9 releases: cassettes, LP’s, EP’s, singles…collaborations… and he keeps going strong. Recently with Chop Chicks (with Buscemi) Sandie Trash and Lavvi Ebbel. Now again under his own name, and in Dutch !



Watch the video here.



S.O.V and their enlightening debut single “The Light (Pours out of me)”



A mysterious band somewhere between blues and new wave, between the USA and Belgium. They don’t do bio’s, nor pictures. We sincerely apologize for that !



Watch the video here.