xrz aiw 300Starman Records is happy to announce the release of the single “Bankers will never be Beggars” by EX-RZ! 


Protest songs are as good as dead in Flanders. What happened to Armand's ‘Ben ik te min?’ or The Kids with ‘Fascist cops’? 


Luckily there is still Peter Slabbynck to provide the occasional dissenting voice. He has not been sitting idle since Red Zebra split. He's not yet ready to let go of his past which is why he has named his new band EX-RZ. And under this name he will release a first single, “Bankers will never be beggars”, in which he criticises the money grabbing culture of bankers and other top executives. Because anyone who thinks the worst is behind is dead wrong, it’s getting worse.


"Time to write a song about this” says Slabbynck, over 50 now but still a very angry young man.  Most promising indeed.


"Bankers will never be beggars" is available on i - Tunes.


You can check out their trailer here.