Starman celebrates the holidays with New Releases !!!


Starman  Records  proudly announces  Mauro Pawlowski’s powerpop band Hitsville Drunks !


The first Hitsville Drunks release will be a good old fashioned Christmas single called “JC Says JC” which comes on one side 7” Vinyl ànd on limited edition cassette with an extra track from their forthcoming album.


 The cassette will be exclusively on sale at the Trix (Antwerp) Xmas Hitsville Drunks gig on December 25th.


Their long awaited  debut album: “Sincerely Average” will be released in February.Being an incredible versatile artists, this album will show yet another side of Pawlowski : distinctive powerful pop rock, 10 great songs with roots in the late seventies and early eighties. Don’t get mistaken by the album title: average it is not going to be. Next to Mauro Pawlowski himsels Hitsville Drunks exists out of experienced companions Herman Houbrechts( drums), Jan Wygers (bass) and Sjoerd Bruil (guitar).

Another new signing which makes us very happy is: Chop Chicks ! This brand new band consists out of Dirk Swartenbroekx (Buscemi, Radical Slave), Kloot Per W (The Misters, The Employees, Polyphonic Size, De Lama’s… and many solo projects and albums), Debby Termonia (Gentlemen of Verona) and Annebelle Dewitte (Al di Miseria). An intriguing combination of all-round musical talent and high energy songs. Two guitars, drums and vocals: raw, direct and without compromises. Their first single “Nice Shape”/”Oh My” will be released on January 7th on 7” Vinyl and digital download.

The Audio Cassette celebrated its 50th Birthday and is making a strong comeback.  Starman Records proudly presents the very first re-release of a cassette on – exactly – cassette !! We will re-release the legendary cassette “Music For Girls” by tape pioneer Kloot per W. The tape contains 15 adventurous tracks written and recorded between 1979 and 1981, the year of the initial release. The 2013 Ultra Limited Deluxe Edition will be released on a printrun of 100 numbered copies, with replica’s of the original artwork.  Each will contain a unique personalized artwork on canvas  by Kloot Per W himself. “Music For Girls” is an exclusive artifact and will be available as of 16 December by mail order and in a limited number of stores.  The entire album will be released as digital download as well.