Starman Records proudly presents two new releases !


Starman Records will release two more albums in May. 


A limited, numbered vinyl edition of Freckleface, featuring Arno Hintjes and Paul Couter will hit the shelves on the 22nd of May.



Best of Belgian Garage Mania Vol.1 is scheduled for the 28th of May.




May 21st on CD and Limited, numbered vinyl: FRECKLEFACE !


Starman Records proudly presents Freckleface, featuring Arno Hintjens and Paul Couter ! Freckleface the debut (and sole) album of the band with the same name was released in the summer of 1972 on a very small printrun and disappeared quickly from everyone’s radar. Still, Freckleface is for sure an historical album as it was the first collaboration between Arno and Paul Couter, a prequel to Tjens Couter, TC Matic and much more ! Now re-released on CD and limited and numbered 180 gr vinyl ! Out on May 21 st !


May 28th on CD:  Best of Belgian Garagemania Volume 1


This is the first album from the catalogue of the legendary Belgian label Boom! Records !

Boom! Records was founded by JP Van in 1987. The label, one of the largest real independent ones in Europe has released hundreds of albums and singles, mainly exciting sixties, psychedelic, garage rock and guitar pop by well know but also obscure Belgian bands. Lot's of hidden treasures to discover or rediscover ! Many of those records are now much sought after and are considered as a key chapter in the history of Belgian rock. The best of those tracks are now remastered and compiled by Starman Records. On Best of Belgian Garagemania Volume 1 you will find 20 excellent tracks deeply rooted in sixties and psychedelic vibes !