Belgian Vaults Vol. 2 to be released on March 5th !


We are very proud and happy to announce the release of Belgian Vaults Volume Two on March 5th !


The albums contains 16 fantastic tracks from Belgian sixties bands.


Belgian Vaults Volume Two is released on 180 gr Vinyl and - on general demand - comes with a CD with the same tracks. Check out the trailer here !


Volume 1 of this series came out last October. The album got rave reviews in the press and was highly appreciated by the fans of the sixties and music lovers in general.

"Belgian Vaults Volume Two" is again an exciting sixties compilation with carefully selected, rare or lesser known tracks by Belgian sixties bands . On general demand we have added a CD with the same tracks to this vinyl release. The cover photography is again by the great Raoul Van den Boom.

The album contains 16  fantastic beat, rock en psych tracks by bands who deserve their place in the history of rock and roll :  Adam's Recital, The Cousins, The Shakes, Little Jimmy and the Sharks, The Paramounts, The Mec OP Singers, The Sheiks, The Klan, Guy Wathelet, Clee's Five, The Swallows, The Tellstars, The Sonny Boys, Les Ombres, Davy Jr and Guess Who en Les Serpents Noirs, they all shine brightly on “Belgian Vaults Volume Two”.


The album will be available in all good record stores or can be ordered via web shop www.cdclassics.be