Belgian Vaults Vol.1 will hit Stores later this month !
On October 24 we will release our first album: “Belgian Vaults Volume 1” (SMR001).


This is not just an ordinary sixties compilation but a fine selection of rare or lesser known tracks.


A real voyage of discovery through our musical past.

This album features 16 fantastic beat and psych tracks by Belgian sixties bands who deserve not to disappear in the mists of time: The Sundrops, The Paramounts, Les Ombres, The Foottappers, Davy Jr and Guess Who, The Closed, Little Jimmy and the Sharks, The Snakes, The Tellstars, The Garnets, The Pebbles, Little Chris and the Boumerangs, Les Najas, The Young Devils,The Samo Reds and The Mec Op Singers: they all shine brightly on “Belgian Vaults Volume 1”   

The next volumes of the Belgian Vaults Series are already in preparation and will be released as of early 2013.  


A release you can’t miss! The album (180gr vinyl with insert) will be available in all good recordstores or at: www.cdclassics.be.