foottappers1Welcome to the website of Starman Records !


Starman  Records is an independent label  grown out of passion and love for music with a heart, rock, pop, beat,psych, new wave…. We focus on the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s… re-issues and new music !


Our main mission is to pay tribute to music of the past, through a series of high quality re-releases such as the widely acclaimed 3 first Volumes of the “Belgian Vaults” Series.These albums feature a fine selection of Belgian sixties bands. Far from a mainstream hit compilation, these records contain rare, overlooked and exciting tracks, most of them never re-released before.

Other releases so far include a.o. re-issues of legendary albums such as “Freckleface” (Arno Hintjens first band), the debut album of Ferre Grignard, “Snowblind” by Roland Van Campenhout, and an amazing compilation by eighties New Wave legends Lavvi Ebbel.

Starman Records is open to any ideas, suggestions and proposals about re-releasing music. If you’ve played in a band or if you own mastertape rights  and you think now is the time is to honor your musical past, please do contact us.

Starman Records is also releasing brand new music such as “Sincerely Average”, the debutalbum of Mauro Pawlowski’s band Hitsville Drunks, or “New Old World”, a fascinating musical journey by Zita Swoon Group.


Enjoy the music !


Focus Vif on Starman Records - 13/12/2013 (Click to enlarge !)