Debut Bellemont out now ! Live or Lavish :The Jet Sessions


bellemont lpAfter spending many years in a wide range of bands(*), Bellemont now boldly step out of their comfort zones and take it to a much more individual level. Blending their origins (USA, The Netherlands, Flanders, Wallonia), their personal styles, their tastes and musical pasts, Bellemont end up with a sound influenced by a wide range of sources.


Their music contains hints of distilled soul, compacted blues, filtered torch, moody psych sometimes all in one song. So no style over content, trend hopping, or radio candy. No worn-out tricks, easy tempos or playing on autopilot. Bellemont aim to slowly seduce you with their sound, taking the long way home.


The concept of the album is that each song will be released in both a "Live version” - five musicians playing live in a vintage 1942 recording studio, every breath, crackle, and mistake left on tape; as well as a "Lavish" version: the exact same recordings, but this time embellished, polished to a shine, and with extra instruments and vocals.

 (*) namedropping alert: The Wolf Banes, Red Zebra, Telstar, Betty Goes Green, Hetten Des, Sin Alley, Willy Willy, Kloot Per W, Dashboard Darling.

Bellemont is: Joe Bacart – drums, Bruno Beeckmans – keys, backing vox, Sam Malec – guitar, Pieter Vreede – bass,Tracee Westmoreland – vox.


Watch the video of “Down to the harbour” here.