MEST: the new album by Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther will release on the 23rd of February


Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther takes its audience on a wild trip through a jungle of jazz. MEST is a resumé of the memorable series of “Small Zoo” concerts the band held the past year in Antwerp. Artists of different disciplines climbed the stage with Hamster Axis for a remake of their own and borrowed songs. Leaving their comfortzone in search for a common  ground. Listen on the album how they try to tame the one-Click Panther and how this big zoo creates a new kind of music with primitive roots. MEST is a more or less digested animal product. The soil for new things to grown on.


In 2015 Hamster Axis released on Starman records the critically acclaimed “Play the Peter Houben songbook” , entirely recorded with Mauro Pawlowski on lead vocals. On the new album, MEST, Hamster Axis is joined by  leading Belgian musicians such as  Gregory Frateur (Dez Mona), Roland Van Campenhout, Johannes Genard (School is Cool), star actor Josse De Pauw, Mauro Pawlowski, Pascal Deweze, Tijs Delbeke (Sir Yes Sir), Sjoerd Bruil (Dez Mona, Gruppo Di Pawlowski,…). Together they recorded in Pascal Deweze’s Studio Jezus surprising new versions of their own songs and covers of a.o. Bob Dylan, Kate Bush, Michael Jackson and Mark Lanegan.

Hamster Axis will continue the Small Zoo adventure  in 2017 with a first show booked on January 19th at Arenberg Schouwburg in Antwerp, with central guest graphic artist Rinus Van de Velde.

MEST  will be premiered live on February 23th in Arenberg, Antwerp with multiple special guests sharing the stage with Hamster Axis. Tickets: www.arenbergschouwburg.be


Hamster Axis is: Bram Weijters (piano), Janos Bruneel (contrabass), Lander Van den Noortgate (altsax), Andrew Claes (tenorsax), Frederik Meulyzer (drums).