DadaWaves: debutalbum out on May 20th (CD) !

We like real songs. We like cool arrangements. We like bands with roots in the past but with two feet in the 21st century ! So... please welcome DadaWaves on Starman Records ! DadaWaves is a semi-psychedelic pop band founded by singer/songwriter Jasper Stockmans. The project began as some kind of a home-recording existential-occupational therapy. In 2015 Jasper started playing live with his band and recorded a first album with producer Jeroen Swinnen (Novastar,Daan). Their debutalbum will be released on May 20th ! DadaWaves is inspired by the superfluity of mankind, which shows itself in a musical hybrid of euphoria and gloominess. Distinctive arrangements and colourful melodies contrast sharply with quite satirical lyrics. Highly recommended for enthusiasts of lively, multilayered and psychedelic pop music !


Watch the video for Wise Owl here.


DadaWaves will present their debut album live in Trix, Antwerp on JUne 23 !


Jasper Stockmans: lead vocals, electric guitar, keys
Beatrijs De Klerck: violin, backing vocals, keys
Xander Stockmans: drums
Roel Brems: bass guitar, synth bass
Tom Poppe: acoustic guitar, trumpet


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