Presenting Hash Bamboo Shuffle



Starman Recordshashbamboo vinyl r only just re-released on vinyl the full works of Ferre Grignard and we are very happy to announce now Hash Bamboo Shuffle, a band bringing back to life the songs of this legendary Belgian folk- and blues singer, adding a personal touch and catching to raw emotions and purity of the originals ! The band was founded in 2011 and named after one of Grignard’s songs.


Hash Bamboo Shuffle consists out of very experienced musicians from the Antwerp incrowd, all children as well of personal friends of Ferre Grignard himself: Rufus Michielsen (guitar/vocals), Laurent Pietsch (guitar/vocals) Philippe Golbert (drums, percussion, vocals) and Dylan Van Looy & Sean Willekens (Bass). Their fantastic album will take you back to Grignard’s world, raw and pure, noisy and subtle at the same time. The album cover painting is a unique portrait of Ferre Grignard made by a contemporary painter.


Fred Bervoets https://www.facebook.com/HashBambooShuffle


Check out the video here.